The Best Beach Tent! – Sombra-Shade

The Best Beach Tent!

If you are a beach lover, then this article is for you!

Ever chase your Umbrella, Canopy or Beach Tent down the beach? We have, and thats exactly why we created Sombra-Shade, a Beach Tent like no other! We designed our Beach Tents to be stylish, easy to handle, lightweight and compact.

Our Beach Tents weigh 6lbs and when folded in their handbag, are no bigger than 29x9x9 inches! Meaning they can fit easily in your luggage, or in the trunk of your car with room to spare. Our Size L can shade between 4-5 people, while our XL can shade between 5-8 people.

Sombra Shade beach tents are made out of a special Lycra fabric that can withstand strong gusts of wind and have been tested up to 40 MPH!  Our beach tents also block out more then 50% UPF radiation! 

If your looking for quality and Convenience, with an emphasis on style, then our Sombra Shades are for you!